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There are countless factors that go into writing a page that is engaging, accessible, informative, and aesthetic, and that appeal to a wide range of readers, no less! This site includes a number of pages meant to help with this task.

This page contains a list of writing and technical features that writers from the summer of 2010 found especially important to pay attention to. It makes a good, short, hit list of ideas.

  • Write the page so that it is satisfying to users with different levels of mathematics. Start out with a very simple overview, likely hiding much of the more advanced material to avoid overwhelming readers, like this:
We've found it useful to keep the names of hidden subsections visible, serving as a come-on, but hiding the subsection contents (although maybe showing an intriguing image or so).To learn more about hiding sections, see the Wiki Tricks page
  • In general use short paragraphs of just a couple sentences, and use simple sentences.
  • To create an Image Page, use the form described in the section above. For simple Helper Pages, the form isn't necessary.
  • Before creating a page, search for what related pages already exist! There might already be some pages which can help you with your own page. If the page you wanted to work on already exists, perhaps you could merge your planned page and the already existing one.
  • You can put other images in your page besides just the main one. In fact, doing so is highly encouraged as long as the images are relevant
  • To provide definitions of terms that many users may already know, use a mouse-over balloons. For more information on mouse-overs, go to Wiki Tricks page.
  • If you don't understand some of the more sophisticated math for a page you are creating, you can leave a section blank and ask in the discussion and community portal for someone who does understand it to help you write it.
  • Be sure to reference any resources you found especially useful in creating your page! Including at least two references is a good thing.


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