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About Me

My name is Peter Weck. I'm from Illinois, and am currently a rising sophomore at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. I plan to major in either physics, philosophy, or both. I also love math, and this summer I'll be staying at college to write pages for the Math Images Project.

Current pages

Here's an example of computer model exhibiting self-organized criticality created by Claudio Rocchini.

Potential Research

Here are a couple of research interests/ideas which I would like to explore in future pages:

  • Some math topics from chaos theory and/or complexity science, maybe the math behind self-organized criticality if it is not way over my head. There are lots of cool visuals and animations that could be used in these areas.
  • Maybe the Traveling Salesman Problem. The problem consists of a salesman who needs to visit x number of cities. His boss wants him to minimize travel costs. What's the shortest route? It turns out to be practically impossible to analytically solve as x gets above a few dozen or so.
  • Adding to the helper page on the Completing the Square method for solving quadratics.

Contact Info


Cell: (618) 719-3247