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Pop-up Fractals!

•GOALS: To find the alternative possibilities of a pop-up fractal on paper. •Can there be different outcomes (Ex:different shapes of the fractals) if different methods of cutting are used •If a cut is not exact, how will it affect the outcome of the pop-up fractal?

Before you get too deep into looking for more fractals to make -- or perhaps after you've made one more for comparison -- you my want to stop and look at what mathematical concepts you see emerging from this image, and which you'd like to pursue. That way, you can have a better idea going forward of what kinds of pop-up fractals you want to investigate, and you won't end up with a lot of images that are related artistically, but hard to relate mathematically.

-Diana (17:43, 3/4/12)

Hey Diana,

I tried adding something to the Pop-up Fractals page but it won't show the changes I made. I tried to bold an italicize some numbers but the changes were not shown when I saved the page.. This is what I tried to edit:

Interesting Features

As you may know, creating a pop-up fractal requires cutting, however, there is also a pattern to how many times you need to cut to reach each stage of iteration. We discovered that the number of cuts to iterate the pop-up fractal to the next stage was exponential.

From Stage 0 to 1: 1 cut required

From Stage 1 to 2: 3 cuts required

From Stage 2 to 3: 9 cuts required

From Stage 3 to 4: 27 cuts required

From Stage 4 to 5: 81 cuts required

If you can, could you please explain to me what I'm doing wrong?


Never mind, I got it to work