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So...thinking about old symbols, like the eternal knot.

I'm working alone.

Later: so...basic explanation: okay, so it's four circles and a square (the equations of circles and lines, etc.)

more detailed: more math. also, maybe how the distance between the circles affects the knot...yeah.

may 22: go into the basic mathematical definition of a knot. Is the eternal knot technically a mathematical knot (since it's not all circles? Maybe find another image with curves.) Also...history behind the knot maybe. If I do find another picture of the knot, talk about links? (this is knot theory... makes it fairly simple. ish. maybe some basic stuff about this in the more mathematical explanation.)

Then, keep going with the stuff that Diana said? ( it'd be super cool if I could make an animation showing the distance between the lines increasing and decreasing.) actually, the picture I have is the 8-18 knot (AKA a Carrick mat. that's decorative in knot tying, but the 8-18 is knot theory. Ha!) So...stuff about knot theory, it looks like, and who discovered it, when, etc. and then, keep going with the whole distance thing if that works out!

woot. so, probably not much knot theory--just basic stuff. (like, the first number and then the subscript and what they mean. carrick mat's unusual because it has eight crossings but you need eighteen moves to return it to the unknot.) and...functions. you can graph a circle as the square root of the radius minus x=y, etc. (it's on the paper.) use grapher, i guess. also, about the's not changeable. so, i'd have to make a new page and then copy&paste stuff. but...don't worry about it. okay.

Desmos graphing calculator-this is free, and it gives you lines in pretty colors. So, basically, under help, there's a video that shows you how to limit the domain and range of a line.

done. i feel like this requires a celebration.