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Introduction to the Math Images Project

Welcome all those who enjoy interesting images, to the Math Images Project!

Our goal is to give people a new and enjoyable perspective on mathematics through beautiful and intriguing images available on the web. Using MediaWiki software, the Project encourages a collaborative atmosphere in which contributors find images and write about them both to learn the mathematics involved and to explain it to others. Ideally, the page creators will interact with users of the site to clarify and enrich the material.

Each topic explained on our site is accompanied by images and real-world applications, so we hope you can learn something interesting even if you haven't enjoyed math in the past. However, we do include detailed mathematical explanations of the same topics to provide advanced readers with an opportunity to research and learn.


How to Use an Image Page

An image page is created under an template and every page has a a main image on the top right corner with the field of mathematics which the image falls under and its origin. On the left side of the image, there is usually a small paragraph explaining the basic ideas underlying the image.

Next comes the main body of the page with a content box to facilitate easy navigation. A page usually comes in 8 parts, 1. Basic Description,2. A More Mathematical Explanation, 3. Why is it interesting?, 4. Teaching Materials, 5. About the Creator of this Image, 6. Related Links, 7. Notes and 8. References. A More Mathematical Explanation is hidden by default to make the page more user friendly.

1. Basic Description

This section gives a brief introduction and outline of the rest of the page so as to give the reader an idea of what to expect and what are the topics that are being covered. It usually starts with some interesting questions or facts relating to the main image and gets the readers curious to read on.

2. A More Mathematical Explanation

This section gives a mathematical explanation of the topics relating to the image. It usually starts with a simple ideas and gradually introduces new and harder concepts. Sometimes,


Anybody can contribute to the Math Images Project by giving some feedback, editing parts of a page, or making a new page.

Giving comments & feedback

You can give both general comments about our Math Images website and specific comments on individual pages. If you want to provide some general feedback, find support section of our navigation tool in the left column of our website and click Leave Feedback. Click on + on the upper right corner of the page, as shown by the red box in the picture below. This will allow you to leave comments about our website.


If you want to leave some comments on a specific image page, click on discussion on the upper left corner of a page. The discussion page is the place where individuals leave comments about a certain image page. You can add a comment by clicking + on the upper right corner or edit an already existing comment by clicking on edit next to the + link. This is shown in the picture below.


Editing a page

You can edit a page by clicking edit with form or edit on the upper right corner of a page, as shown by the red boxes in the picture below.


There are a few links that can help the writer edit a page. What makes a good math images page gives an overview of a good image pages. It also addresses special issues that writers should be aware of when they are writing about different types of pages.

The Wiki Tricks page lists some of the technical codings that have been very useful in Math Images project. This page will help the writers with uploading images, making links in pages, making mouse overs, creating tables, hiding some contents, etc. If you find new tricks that you think will be very useful for other writers, go ahead and update this page as well!

Creating an image page

To create an image page, you must log in to the Math Images website. You can log in or create an Math Images account by clicking on ‘’log in/ create account’’ on the top right corner.

Then, in the navigation tool on the left column, and click Create an Image Page under interaction.