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Peter's version of the page (2012)

Any further comments on recent revisions should go here.

Smaurer1 14:37, 14 June 2012 (EDT)

Peter, this is really a lovely page. You explain very clearly – leading the reader to think things through by analogy – and have picked out or created wonderful visuals. I've just gone through and made a few changes. Check the history to see what I did and ask me if you have any questions. There is one place where you will have to get rid of my red comments. But mostly I think this page is pretty well done.

Cwang3 09:45, 19 June 2012 (EDT)

Peter, I think this page looks great. The newly added visuals for diagonals are very helpful.
I noticed two minor issues and made the changes already:

  • "it is helpful look at how we represent the square and the cube" you missed a "to"
  • "... sweeping the unit square out in a new direction requires us to use three numbers in specify our points" I think the "in" is supposed to be "to"

Peter 5/27

Now I've written a full length draft of the page I'm ready for some feedback! Here are a few things I'm thinking about that I'd like advice on:

  • I'd very much like to have the gif animations on the page be pausable, and preferably to start paused when you come to the page. However, the only way I could find to add a pause feature doesn't work with tables, frames, alignment, etc. If anyone has any ideas for how to get both aspects to work together let me know.
  • I'm wondering if I should add to the math section with a piece about the math behind the visualization techniques discussed. This would likely be some on the geometry and coordinates of various slices of the tesseract and perhaps some on projections as linear transformations. Also, I don't have any proofs or anything. Should I?
  • There are some more images I could add but am not sure if I want to:
    • two images showing the unit cube and unit tesseract respectively with labeled coordinates for the Geometry of the Tesseract section.
    • an interactive applet to illustrate the sweeping method for constructing a tesseract instead of the still image I have now. The applet is the one mentioned in the above comment from the page's previous incarnation if you're interested.
    • more images for the Why its Interesting section, perhaps a picture of the "ant on a rope" example in the string theory section.
  • The page is about the three dimensional case of the hypercube, the tesseract, but it would be a shame not to talk about hypercubes more generally, so I added a bit to the Why its Interesting section. Is it too little, too much, or just the right amount? Also, the connections to other fields I talk about are really more connections of hypercubes and higher dimensional math in general to other fields. Is this okay?

Comments for Peter (2012)

From Alexis:
  • The interactive sweeping applet (or even just a gif) might be cool.
  • The basic section has a lot of text, but I don't think you would really benefit from deleting any of it. It might be helpful to have the images more in text (on the left) to break up big chunks of text
  • I think the coordinate graphs would be a good idea (I actually thought of that before even reading your suggestions haha). You might lose some readers by just stating the coordinates
  • You could also consider image captions (instead of just "Image #"). That might reduce the amount of text you need. It would also allow readers to benefit from just skimming the page/images.
  • The app is neat!
  • If you have some good images for the "Why its Interesting" and all those smaller sections towards the bottom I would add a few. (I think it will be easy to tell when you have too many images. And if not, you can easily get feedback on that)
  • It might be easier for the reader to follow the MME if you put the geometry/coordinate sections (which seem simpler) before the "Four Dimensions" section
  • Overall, I think this page is awesome! I don't think it needs much improvement at all...haha and feel free to disregard every comment I've made.

MaeBeth 7/4

That looks great!! ill definitely add it. I'm also thinking of adding more to this page just so it can be more interesting to read. But for now im not focusing all of my energy on it..

Anna 7/4

Hi MaeBeth,

Were you considering adding more content to this page? I think if you want just a short page, it can stay relatively as is. Though, I've seen somewhere an applet that clearly matches the picture that you have from wikipedia, only it lets you move the extra lines around. I think I found it through some links on the site... I'll go look for it.

Yay, here it is