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Final Review

Chris 7.18.11 Solid page, with just a few things to check.

  • Can you move up the image so it is closer to your first paragraph?No, because the Helper Page template gets in the way. It's an overall site format thing.
  • Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 (P1S1) There are two periods in the first sentence. It seems as though the first period is part of the abbreviation, except all future uses of rad have no period after the d.CHECK
  • You have the two conversions reversed. If you want to convert from degrees to radians, you use the second method, and vice versa. CHECK, Thanks.
  • Use lower case for circumference in the last paragraph. CHECK
  • Last paragraph, S2, I'd consolidate a bit. I get what you're going for by saying it's just a number (and not a number with particular units of measurement). I'd just say: "Indeed, a radian is simply the ratio of the .... I still liked the beginning of the sentence, so I turned that into a short, introduction, and then implemented your suggestion.

Messages to the Future

   * Did not feel that there was anything in particular I needed to say. 

References and footnotes

   * All images are attributed.
   * no other citations because I used my knowledge of the topic and what I have learned through classes, not any specific sources.

Good writing

Quality of prose and page structuring

   * All check, no further comments.

Integration of Images and Text

   * All check, no further comments.

Links to other pages

   * The helper page links all of the pages that link to it
Can't figure out how to do this, please help.
Talk to Kate. She's been able to make it work (eg Critical Points, Summation Notation)

Examples, Calculations, Applications, Proofs

   *All check, no further comments.

Mathematical Accuracy and precision of language

   * All check, no further comments.


   * All check, I only found the need for one image even after trying to think if any others would help. The single, simple image seems to do what is needed.

General Coments

Rebecca 13:11, 26 May 2011 (UTC) This is a good start, but I have some suggestions. Some of these are just reiterating points people made at the meeting yesterday.

  • Add φ = 1 radian to the picture. CHECK
  • The sentence about how the angle "cuts, or subtends" could be worded differently. I think it's fine to says "cuts", but I would define it in a mouseover because this might be a word that someone doesn't know. I think subtends should be removed because it might be intimidating and you don't need it.
  • As we discussed in the meeting yesterday, you should think about adding another section after your table converting from πradians to degrees. The new table could show how to convert from radians directly to degrees. You could precede the new table with something along the lines of: Although it is common to talk about radians in terms of pi, we can convert directly from radians to degrees as well. CHECK

Last paragraph makes sense to me. I think you should ask Prof. Maurer to look at this. -Kate 20:50, 23 May 2011 (UTC)CHECK

Awesome, but maybe you can explain it even more basically. What if I'm unfamiliar with the terms "central angle", "arc", or "arclength"? -Kate 19:20, 20 May 2011 (UTC)CHECK

I changed one small typo. Also wondering if it's worth mentioning how radians are supposed to be a "unitless" measure? I don't really understand why that is or what that means, but it's something people keep telling me. -Kate 22:16, 20 May 2011 (UTC)CHECK

since you have the picture there, why not show some formulas. - xd 01:26, 25 May 2011 (UTC)