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Links to Initial Two Images on Home Page

When I arrived on the home page, I was interested in one of the images in the top left hand box ("The Math Images Project"/"Welcome students..."). But they weren't linked to articles or image pages, so I couldn't find out where they were from. There's nothing more annoying than an image you like, but can't track back for a description or article. Can someone please make sure these images are linked (and do it globally across the site for all images?) twilsonb 00:38, 27 June 2010 (UTC)

Tried to ask a dr. math question, but got a 404 error. See question below

I can see the projection from the sphere to the plane as a visual graphic, but I'm trying to understand the detail of all the surfaces of the unit sphere and the plane.

How are positive and negative real and positive / negative imaginary numbers mapped over the surfaces, and what are the scales / units / number categorisations along the projection lines? Or are the projection lines just pointers linking loci on the surface of the sphere and the plane?

What is the attributisation of the spaces in each hemisphere compared to the plane? What is the dimensionality of the space in which the construction exists? It seems to be higher than three dimensional because of the attributisation of the axes and surfaces. It seems to be a compactification of higher dimensional space into a 3-D space of some sort?

How does the 'unit sphere' work?

Regarding the point at P (the double infinity +inf / - inf as a single infinity), if we draw a line or create a plane parallel to the intersecting plane touching the top of the sphere at infinity point p, what does this plane or line represent?

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