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Welcome to the the Discussion Page for the Henon Attractor, please feel free to leave any relevant comments on this page.


For this page, I was wondering if we could have a better animation of the Henon Attractor with smaller points, similar to the animation I would like for the Blue Fern page. I wanted to emphasis the chaotic behavior of this fractal by slowing down the first few iterations. This way the user could see how the first few points that are pointed seem completely random until the image gradually appears and is recognizable. Ryang1 (6/23)

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Correction to above suggestion: The animation should plot the points of the Henon Attractor one at a time. The reason my points were plotted in chunks was because it would have take too much time and space to do it on Matlab. However, as Abram brought up, the way I plotted the attractor (in chunks of points) is a bit confusing because I talk about the points being plotted one by one in my description. Ryang1 (7/10)

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Also, it would be interesting to have an applet that allowed the users to change a and b in the equation to make different Henon Attractors. Ryang1 (7/8)

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