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Welcome to the the Discussion Page for the Harter-Heighway Dragon, please feel free to leave any relevant comments on this page.


I wanted to suggest an animation for this page that shows the fractal being drawn gradually through increasing iterations. This could be similar to the animation on the Koch Snowflake page in the Basic Description section. Also, perhaps an animation similar to the one that Ayush found, but a continuous (rather than in stages) and slower animation of the curve being drawn to help illustrate the fact that the curve never crosses itself.


I found one such .gif on the wikipedia page for the Dragon Curve :

I remember seeing this one too, but I was wondering if there was an animation showing frames of the dragon curve at 1st iteration, then 2nd, then 3rd... Sorry, I wasn't very clear in my description above.Ryang1

OR, something like this applet that Steve made for the Koch Snowflake page would be great. Ryang1 (7/6)

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