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Active Comments

Re-order the description of each way of generating a cardioid

It sounds like the order we decided on when we talked was: 1) a description of the way of generating the cardioid (these will probably have to be a bit longer than they currently are), 2) introduction of the fancy term (evolute, etc. - you probably won't need to make anything a mouse-over given this structure), 3) equations (if and where we want them). (Abram, 7/9)

I reordered these. 7/13

Derive equations for the cardioid

Maybe derive the basic equations for the cardioid, if that interests you. The easiest way is probably to derive the parametric equations for x and y, and then use those equations to show that the polar and cartesian equations also work. (Abram, 7/9)

Refer the reader to images

There are lots of places where it seems like you want the reader to notice things about a picture, or where helps explain text, but you don't explicitly refer the reader to the image (I understand the anchoring of images may come later). (Abram, 7/9)

The microphone section is a little confusing and could be expanded

The microphone section overall could be a bit more clearly written (I trust you to find a way of doing this). One question I have in particular is what shape the microphone itself is, if the "cardioid" doesn't refer to the shape of the microphone itself. Overall, it may help to use a picture to describe in some detail what happens with the microphone. The section could end up being a good twice as long as a result, but it seems worth it. (Abram, 7/9)

It's not much longer, but I do think it's more clear and I've got a new picture. 7/13

The Mandelbrot section is a bit confusing

I can come up with specific ideas if you want. (Abram, 7/9)

Yeah, we'll have to talk about this. I spent this morning looking for more information but I can't really find anything. I don't really understand what's on the page right now anyway, I just took it from Wikipedia. Maybe we can go over this? 7/13

Remove those awful math terms from the basic description and why it's interesting

Both these sections have words like "evolute", "caustic", etc. They don't bother me, because I know enough math to know that hardly anybody bothers learning what these terms mean, but a non-mathematical reader may get intimidated because they think that they really ought to know these things. (Abram, 7/9)