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This page explains the items in the sidebar that is on the left-hand side of almost every page on the Math Images website.


* Home takes you to the Home Page of the Math Images Project.

* About Math Images takes you to an overview of the project and its history.

* Take the Tour shows new users how to find information by searching for specific topics or simply perusing image pages. Additionally, shows users who wish to interact with the site how to make a suggestion, ask a question, or contribute their own knowledge.

* Help directs you to a page with categorized help information.


allows you to search for pages containing any search term. Pages with titles containing the search term are presented first, followed by pages with the search term anywhere in the body text.

browse images by...

* Title sorts pages alphabetically by title.

* Field sorts pages by the fields under which they fall. A page can fall under multiple fields and it will appear under both fields.

* Thumbnail Gallery shows all images that are used as the main image for an Image Page on the Math Images website. The images are shown in a random order, and the image title appears in the gallery.

* Random Image produces a random page.


* Community Portal directs you to a forum where discussions can take place. (As yet unused.)

* Recent Changes shows you all the recent changes made to all pages by all users.

* Leave Feedback directs you to a page where you can leave feedback.

* Ask Dr. Math Images directs you to a page where you can ask Dr. Math Images a question which will be answered by someone from Math Images.

create or edit a page

* Upload a file Directs you to procedures to upload a file/image for an Image Page you have created.

* Create an Image Page Directs you to a template to create an image page.

* Helpful Wiki Tricks Directs you to a page that provides information on how to format and write an Image Page.

special resources

* Math Images Tools All of the interactive learning software available on the site.

* Math for Computer Graphics Takes you to a list of topics, including topics that already have Math Images pages and ones that don't, that are related to computer graphics.

* Helper Page Directs you to a list of pages that provide background information on certain topics that are mentioned in an Image Page but not comprehensively discussed and explained in that page.


* What Links here Provides a list of all pages that link to whatever page you are currently viewing.

* Related Changes Lists the last changes on all pages that are linked to the particular page that is open.

* Special Pages Gives you a list of templates and special pages. You do not need to use this unless you are a programmer.

* Printable Version Generates a printer-friendly version of whatever page you are currently viewing.

* Permanent Link Places a URL for the current version of whatever page you are viewing in the address bar of your web browser.