Roles in the Math Images Project

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Roles in Math Images Project

The following roles have constituted the Math Images Project so far. Often, a single person occupies multiple roles (with the exception of high school students). For example, in many instances of the Project, almost everyone involved has been a feedback consultant simply by virtue of participating in feedback meetings.

Faculty: The Math Images Project involves faculty members who particularly lend expertise in mathematics.

Undergraduate participants (Imagers): Undergraduate participants (or Imagers) are the student researchers who work on the Math Images Project by writing pages, creating images, etc. In some years, imagers may also work with high school students.

Facilitator: A facilitator works with the current Imagers to introduce them to the project, to ensure that work is being done productively, to catalogue progress, to provide feedback both inside and outside of meetings, and to oversee in general. The facilitating role has been performed by Imagers from earlier years and by the participating teacher.

Participating teacher: The participating teacher mediates the cooperation between the Math Images Project and a high school classroom.

Feedback consultants: Feedback consultants participate in feedback meetings. This involves reading the pages that Imagers are working on prior to the meetings. Feedback consultants may also provide feedback in additional capacities outside of the meetings, for example by adding comments to the discussion page.

Technological consultants: Technological consultants are familiar with the technology often used by Imagers (LaTeX, MediaWiki, Geometer’s Sketchpad, the Adobe Suite, Mathematica, etc.). They host workshops for Imagers to illustrate how different types of software can be used in the Math Images Project.

High school students: In some iterations of the project, Imagers have collaborated with high school students, who wrote their own pages. Typically the graduate facilitator works with the high school students to select topics and begin working on their pages. Then, the Imagers for that summer help provide feedback and guidance to the high school students. When the school year ends for the high school students, they are given the option of continuing to work on their page