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Checklist 7/8/09

  1. Are the words that you define bold? YES
  2. Do you have references and other interesting links? YES
  3. Did you cite your pictures, or say if you created them? YES
  4. Have you considered all of the comments on the discussion page? YES
  5. Have you looked over everyone else’s pages, and linked to the relevant ones? YES

Chris Taranta, 7/7

This is an excellent wiki. I love how your interactive section in which the reader can test his/her understanding of logarithms. This is a feature for others to emulate. My edits are minor.

Basic Description

  • Sentence #1: Remove one of the “to”s between inverse and addition.
  • I prefer to avoid the use of “we” and stay in third person.

⁋3, I’d write: “What about exponential equations such as…” instead of “in the form…”

The examples are great.

'Sure, and we discussed your second point in the meeting.


  • Sentence 1: “the logarithms of a value can be found at different bases using a change of base formula, as shown in the section below the Common Bases chart.”

Changing Bases

  • Nice proof. Can you also provide an example of the formula being applied using numbers that work out neatly?
Sure, that's a good idea. I can hide it.

Graphing a Logarithmic Function

  • ⁋2, Sentence 1: ‘there is a vertical…”

Basic Properties of Logarithms

  • Other Properties: Is the log(0) = -∞ or is it undefined?
Thanks for catching my mistake. Ryang1 (7/7)

Anna 7/6

Your table there is wonderful! I also really, really like your basic description. I don't think there's anything I'd change.

Thanks Ryang1 (7/7)

GK 6/8

Hi Rebekah,

Wouldn't it be better to describe what a logarithm is before you graph its function? You might start out with some egs like "2^5 = 32 so we say that the logarithm of 32 base 2 is 5". Maybe give a couple more simple ones and asking 'em guess the whole number log, with answer in a mouseover. Then incorporate some of the stuff you have. Make sense?

On the Changing Bases formula don't you want something like derivation needed? Maybe for basic props, too. Don't kill yourself looking but if you've bumped into good refs for this, just give them.

Is it possible to have more "hides" within your More Mathematical Explanation. I think that might be broken into smaller pieces. Ask Maria if there's a problem with this. Maybe have log to the base 2, 10, and e on the same graph?

You're off to a good start, and I think you need to collect comments and develop further.

Thanks for your comments!
I originally I used the "Image Page" template for this page, so I had to display the image before including an explanation of a logarithm. However, I have decided to not use a template for this page, so I've made a separate Graphing a Logarithmic Function section to explain the image. I've also include a graph of log base 2, 10, and e on the same graph in that section.
As suggested, there are now "hides" within the Mathematical Explanation to break sections up into smaller pieces, and a hiding proof of the change of base formula.
Also, I've talked to Prof. Maurer about this page, and have changed the Basic Description section significantly. Under the Basic Description section, I've included a section of exponential/logarithmic examples (that can be hidden). This is a semi-interactive section that allows users to test themselves by trying to switch between the two forms. I've tried both mouseovers and show/hide to display the answers - which is better?
Ryang1 6/10