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Back to Hyperbolic Tilings page and current Hyperbolic Tilings page


  1. Are the words that you define bold? YES
  2. Do you have references and other interesting links? YES
  3. Did you cite your pictures, or say if you created them? YES
  4. Have you considered all of the comments on the discussion page? YES
  5. Have you looked over everyone else’s pages, and linked to the relevant ones? YES

Anna 7/9

I'd really suggest linking to your geometry page the first time you say the poincare disc model (and, if you can link directly to that part of the page, it would be really helpful). I think the reader needs it right there, instead of waiting until the end of the section. I'd also use the word "and" and not "but" in your last sentence of the section.

Sure, I'll fix that.

Can you hide the subsection headings, like you've done on your other pages?

I'm assuming you mean "unhide".
Yes, I did. Can you do that? They are still hidden unless I click show under the mathematical description (Anna 7/9)
Got it. Thanks! Ryang1 (7/10)

You should also link to Lizah's Tessellations page.

I do in "Euclidean Tessellation", but I've added another link at the beginning of the Basic Description Ryang1 (7/9)

Gene, 6/16

Great picture, Rebekah, but your first description won't be too helpful to someone who doesn't know much math. Your Basic Description starts out much better and a shortened version should be what folks first encounter. Maybe a reference to the Poincare Disk Model, which would might make a nice page?? (Or else live as a "red" reference).

What geometry does you More Math Explan require? How about having the subsection names under More Math show up even when More Math is hidden? Might inspire folks to look further.

Quasi-regular tilings last paragraph might have its very own image, rather than just sharing with duals?

It would be nice to have something about Tilings in Diff Geoms even in the non-math section, since the basic idea could be shown maybe, and then refer to Schlafli symbols to help explain??

Neat stuff!

Thanks for the feedback! I've incorporated most of your suggestions, and wanted to clarify two of them. I don't think there is a way to have the More Math Explan subsections show up when More Math Explan is hidden, I guess the user will have to look at the Table of Contents to see what's under that section without opening it. Also, I found an error in my Quasi- tilings, so there is in fact a specific image for the Quasi- tiling. Ryang1

Ryang1 (6/9)

Is there a significant difference between "tilings" and "tessellations"? Also, I believe there are additional types of tilings (semi-regular, uniform, ...), should they also be addressed here?

I think the two words are essentially the same, with "tilings" sometimes used more informally; check with either Wikipedia or Steve, I'll accept either.
The other kinds of tilings might be added as future projects. Gene