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Checklist (7/8/09)

  1. Are the words that you define bold? YES
  2. Do you have references and other interesting links? YES
  3. Did you cite your pictures, or say if you created them? YES
  4. Have you considered all of the comments on the discussion page? YES
  5. Have you looked over everyone else’s pages, and linked to the relevant ones? YES

Anna 7/4

I really like where this page is now. What are you looking for when you request comments?

David 6/25

The explanations on this page are great but I am not sure how it connects to your topic. I know the blue fern is related but is the process for generation the same? are the same matrices and probabilities used?

You bring up a good point. I'm pretty sure that the same concept of iteration was used to create the main image, but I don't know the exact properties of that image - I mostly choose this image because it seemed like it would be a catchy picture that related to the main concept of Barnsley's Fern. I will include a section linking back to the main image of the page.
Ryang1 (6/26)

Anna (6/11)

When you mention iterated functions, do you want to have the link to Iterated Functions in the sentence?

That's a good idea, thanks! Ryang1 (6/11)