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The following image pages are in need of basic descriptions that don't require too much math.

Bezier CurvesAlgebraA Bezier Curve involves the use of two anchor points and a number of control points to control the form of a curve.
Bridge of PeaceAlgebraThe bridge of peace in Tbilisi ,Georgia, possesses a glass and steel covering frame which possesses a unique tiling structure, conic sections in its roof. Mapping a complicated pattern onto an uneven surface.
Brouwer Fixed Point TheoremTopologyRebecca
Fractal Scene IFractalsAnne M. Burns"Fractal Scene I" is one of Burns' "Mathscapes" and was created using a variety of mathematical forumluas, including fractal methods to generate the clouds and plant life and vector techniques for the colors.
Fun TopologyTopologyPaul NylanderThe topology is equivilent to a sphere with 30 holes. The boundary of each hole loops over itself twice with two Reidemeister-I twists and links with 6 others.
Hippopede of ProclusTopologyAdam CoffmanConsider a torus, T, as a surface of revolution, generated by a circle with radius r > 0, and with center at distance R > 0 from the axis...
Iterated FunctionsAlgebraAnnaThis picture is the plot of '"`UNIQ--math-00000373-QINU`"', which is in blue, '"`UNIQ--math-00000374-QINU`"', which is in pink and which we create by plugging in '"`UNIQ--math-00000375-QINU`"' in for x. The yellow line is '"`UNIQ--math-00000376-QINU`"', were we plug in '"`UNIQ--math-00000377-QINU`"' for x.
Kummer QuarticAlgebra3DXM ConsortiumA Kummer surface is any one of a one parameter family of algebraic surfaces defined by a specific polynomial equation of degree four.
Mathematics of Gothic and Baroque ArchitectureGeometryBlogLa Sagrada Família (Holy Family) is a Gothic cathedral in Barcelona, Spain designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.
Quadratic Functions in LandmarksAlgebraTeacher's NetworkThe Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. The bridge is in the shape of a parabola.
Regular Hexagon to RectangleGeometryYou can use the apothem and perimeter of a regular polygon to find its area.
Regular Octagon to RectangleGeometryEmma F.A regular polygon can be "unrolled" to form a rectangle with twice the area of the original polygon.
Riemann SphereAlgebraUnknownIn complex analysis and dynamics, the Riemann Sphere is often used to simplify problems and analysis. It is sometimes denoted as '"`UNIQ--math-00000374-QINU`"', the union of the complex numbers with a point called infinity.
Straight Line and its constructionGeometryCornell University Libraries and the Cornell College of Engineering
Tetra 1GeometryJos LeysHow does one fill a sphere with smaller spheres of various sizes so that every possible void is filled? There are only five known configurations, all obtained by a sphere inversion transformation, the 3D equivalent of a circle inversion.
The Golden Ratio