Meeting of 6/29

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Present: 3 worker bees, Abram, Maria, Gene.

Maria showed some of the stuff she'd been doing regarding image references, etc. We may follow Wikipedia and have image info and references underneath the image. She also has a partial solution to the problem of clicking on the Table of Contents when there are hidden sections.

We are going to revisit the problem of alerting folks to hidden material, since last week a visitor did not notice in our current, improved context. Maria will investigate prominent buttons, banners, and electroshock, and we will talk further next time Ann R is present.

Maria is also talking with several folks after today's meeting to get more input and ideas.

"Teaching Materials" We'd like to actually come up with some pages that actually use this possible subsection. We'll ask Ann what would be appropriate material, and we'll all be on the lookout. She will talk with Becky, in particular, who plans to pull together stuff for some pages. I'll check to see if Jason has some material we can use, too.

References to books: Xingda points out that the current Word has a pretty automated reference maker and Becky knows of a source, "EasySomethingOrOther" for which you only have to think about the name of the book, or something. They'll put material about these together on Math Images Writing Guide I guess.

Abram wanted to encourage folks to look at the Draft check list for finishing pages before declaring something as finished.

All the folks went briefly through some of their more current pages. Before our next meeting I'd like students to let us know which page(s) they'll be showing, since it seems advantageous to know in advance.

Next week we could meet either Tues or Fri at 2:30. What works for you, Ann?

This summer project winds up for the students on July 23.