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This was a very good meeting--all involved were present and contributed to the discussion. Unfortunately, I did not think of taking notes until the next day, at which time I'd forgotten all but the points I'd made, so please look through and make comments! Too good to lose.


We began with some Maria magic, as she demonstrated her splendid equation balloons, along with another approach to equation numbering. She took notes of stuff we wanted and it will appear on her user page, Maria Kelly

E.g. we may have image mouseovers to give important keys to the image. Image references will be given ... [did we reach consensus?]

Another nice contribution of Maria's is the ability of mentors reading of a student page to leave comments with mouseovers at red question marks, thereby minimally disturbing the page.

Other stuff ...

Wiki Tricks

Also, Maria and Steve M and others [??] will put new material on Wiki Tricks

Incidentally, this page seems quite busy to me for newbies to easily get what they need from it. Maybe we don't need a Constructing an Image Page Checklist, but I think some new organization would certainly be helpful. What do you think?

Why It's InterestingX?X

Although not every page will have a Why It's Interesting section [why not], and this section will "normally" appear toward the end of the page, sometimes it will be appropriate to link to such a section early in the page, right after the basic intro. and with a smaller link to be made possible by Maria. [How will this be explained to future generations?]

Choosing an Image/Topic

This doesn't seem to be worth a checklist, but we at least want to keep track if difficulties do show up. This year's gang is charged with choosing one of our treasure trove of images to see how this works--and, of course, to tell us.

Personal "I"s

While we're in agreement that we wish to regard pages, in general, as group work, so a personal "I" would be inappropriate, we should have some means for individuals to register what of their personal experience really struck home in page development. But how?

Convention for text accompanying the main image

Text the accompanies the image (and precedes the basic description) should either be unessential enough that it can be ignored, or there should be enough text that you don't have to worry that anyone will simply miss it. Either way, there should be enough text that the image isn't a total mystery (so far, everyone has done great on this, even without explicit instruction).

Work on existing pages

As folks start to work on new projects, see if any of the existing pages needing work appeal to you (and maybe run them by someone so you know what you're getting into).

"Finishing" a Page

When can the dread "Work in Progress" sign be taken down? Our rule has currently evolved to be:

Anyone spending much time with Student X has to sign off before X is finished.

Ok? We'll see how it works.

Also, what does Student X have to check over?

Abram has a nice draft that we should viciously attack at Draft check list for finishing pages in which he talks about stuff like

  • references for text
  • references for images (including original source and whether you've evolved it)
Can we continue the discussion of citing images? Would it be possible for information on the image to come up when we click the picture? -Becky
  • mouseover explanations of key parts of images, when appropriate.
  • Why It's Interesting and such stuff whenever at all appropriate
  • suggestions of material for future generations to add, when appropriate.

This is a big Tuesday agenda item!