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:* Transformations
:* Transformations
::*[[Transformation Matrix]]
::*[[Transformation Matrix]]
::*[[Change of Coordinate Transformations]]
::*[[Change Of Coordinate Transformations]]
:* [[Quaternion|Quaternions]]
:* [[Quaternion|Quaternions]]
:* Hierarchical coordinate systems
:* Hierarchical coordinate systems

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Not surprisingly, the mathematics used in computer graphics was touched upon by the students at Drexel and Swarthmore during the summer of '09. Some of the Helper Pages, in particular are needed topics for some of the image pages, and for computer graphics.

As students turned their creative talents on these topics we decided to open this repository of software devoted to understanding them. Our hope is that it will develop into a useful resource for students and faculty in both disciplines. Please contribute your good material!

The following is a list of mathematical topics used in computer graphics. The original list was provided by Drexel professor David Breen.

  • Curves (Catmull-Rom, Bezier, B-spline)
  • Bezier patches
  • Subdivision surfaces
  • Implicit geometry - lines, circles, ellipses
  • Implicit Surfaces - quadrics, superquadrics
  • Implicit Equations
  • Parametric geometry - lines, circles, ellipses
  • Parametric surfaces - quadrics, superquadrics

More examples may be found in the lecture slides of CS 430.