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Another look

Abram's Scope of MI response to Gene's email General question about the scope of Math Images.

Original Listing Pages By Quality and Completeness page

Pages come in a variety of completeness and quality. There are a number of reasons why we would want to sort pages by these criteria, such as:

  • Especially while this site is still young and small, casual browsers may have trouble finding good pages without a ready list of high quality, reasonably complete pages.
  • Potential contributors could have reasons for wanting lists by these categories. Maybe they want a list of high quality pages they can refer to, or a list of pages that are incomplete in some way that they can contribute to.

Right now (as of Feb. 2011), we do have some lists of pages that satisfy various criteria, but these lists are problematic, and many of the criteria have no lists.

Here is my (Abram's) take on all of this.

Lists we almost certainly want

  • A list of really good pages (as of Feb, 2011, this is mostly a subset of the S10 pages, with a couple from S09). This list doesn't currently exist.
  • A list of pages with a lot of content that aren't as good (many of the S09 pages, and some of the S10). Eventually, this may not be needed, but right now, the majority of the pages on the site are stumps, so anything that separates out the pages that are more complete is a good. Existing Pages Needing Work includes some pages in this category, but needs to be checked against the S09 list and updated to include S10 entries.
  • A list of stumps. Most of these stumps are literally nothing more than an image, so I don't entirely understand why they are on the site at all. It seems like maybe the images should just be stored in a database of useful images or something. In any case, we do want to do *something* with these stumps -- delete them, encourage users to fill them in, maybe some other idea -- so having a list would be good. Existing Pages Needing Work has some of these pages, as does [[ ]] and [[ ]]. I don't really know if they are comprehensive.

Lists of pages missing one or two of the three major sections

The three major sections of a page are: a basic explanation, a more mathematical explanation, and a "Why It's Interesting" section. The main image and the image description could be considered "main sections", but there's basically no such thing as a page missing one of these sections.

It could make sense to have a list of pages that miss a particular one of these sections, but not missing all three (e.g. a "Pages needing basic explanations" page). This would be a great way, especially, to signal to potential contributors areas in which they could be useful.

On the other hand, maybe future contributors won't actually want to filters pages needing contribution by these categories. Maybe they would prefer to filter by math topic, for instance, and this list wouldn't be useful to anyone.

Another thing confusing all of this is that it is only the S10 pages that have these three sections, and only some of them have it. The importance of a "Why It's Interesting" wasn't really discussed until part way through the summer of 2010. Pages created before this discussion may be missing this material entirely, and they may be [XX?]

In any case, we do currently have lists of pages

  1. Pages missing a basic explanation but having an advanced explanation or "Why It's Interesting" section
  2. Pages missing an advanced explanation, but having one or two of the other two categories
  3. Pages missing a "Why It's Interesting" section, but having one or two of the other categories

Category 1 seems like a good model for

It seems like to be useful to contributors, we would want each one of these 5 categories to get its own "List of pages..." page. Does this make sense to you?
The current Pages Needing Basic Explanation seems to include all of category 5, which makes sense, but it also includes all of category 3, and a few pages from category 1 and 2 where basic explanation sections just haven't been correctly labeled as such. There is a similarly confusing story for Pages Needing Advanced Explanations and Existing Pages Needing Work.

Here are links to lists of pages that satisfy various criteria.

[This deserves serious consideration. Will try to give it more and hope others will too.]