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This page contains a list of all pages created at Swarthmore during the summer of 2010. Nearly all of the pages categorized as "well-developed" can also be found in the list of pages by field.

They are also listed here separate from other pages because, as of spring 2011, the well-developed pages especially come closest to reflecting our current standards for writing, layout, and page organization. Many pages not in this list are as strong as some of the pages on this list -- their organizational system or layout just reflect older standards.

As a final note, pages are grouped by main author. As wikis are designed to be community-based projects, we do not want to give the sense that one author has ownership over a page. It is just that the three summer 2011 page creators have distinct styles and topic types they liked, so we felt grouping pages this way could be helpful.

Main author Well-developed Pages Partially-developed Pages