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DESCREADY <ImageName>Layout Test</ImageName> <Image>320px-SMPTE_Color_Bars.svg.png</Image> <ImageDesc><![CDATA[Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer nec nulla diam, sit amet tempor nisl. Donec non libero id elit sodales imperdiet non in mi. In lorem turpis, tempor id molestie et, sagittis vitae lorem. Fusce eget tortor vel neque interdum scelerisque ac sed est. Aenean porttitor, magna eget pretium viverra, tellus justo vulputate odio, vel facilisis felis eros vel felis. Etiam accumsan, odio fringilla lacinia iaculis, neque mi sollicitudin lacus, ut convallis odio odio accumsan sem. Quisque eget velit velit.]]></ImageDesc> <AuthorName>Mr. Rodgers</AuthorName> <AuthorDesc>Mr Rodgers is a cool guy.</AuthorDesc>

<SiteURL></SiteURL> <SiteName>Mr Rodgers Website</SiteName> <Field>Algebra</Field> <Field2>Calculus</Field2> <Field3>Dynamic Systems</Field3> <ImageIntro>This page is a test page. It is used to test layout changes for the website. It's goal is to use all Variables so that it is easy to verify if pages are working correctly.</ImageIntro> <ImageDescElem>This image is a standard television test image. It is cool. I always wondered why they picked it, but that is whatever. I like to eat ramen noodles, they are delicious, Test test test lorem ipsum baby.</ImageDescElem>