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The Math Images Project

Welcome all those who enjoy interesting images, to the Math Images Project! A particular welcome to students at all levels, teachers, mathematicians! Here you can find some amazing and often beautiful images related to mathematics and also learn something about the math behind the images.

Our goal is to give people a new and enjoyable perspective on mathematics and to encourage people to learn even more by contributing to our site.

A favorite view of ours is: Mathematics is the science of pattern. It's not just numbers and formulas!

One of the objectives of The Math Images Project is to provide a variety of explanations for each of the images on our site, so that everyone can understand (or learn) some of the math behind the images. So, if you notice an image that's missing a good explanation, please ask about it, and, if you understand some of the math behind it, please consider contributing to our site!

To begin, you can just click on an interesting image. On the upper right, there are suggestions for where to start your exploration of the site. There are many more things available on this site. They can be accessed using the left sidebar.

What you can do at the Math Images Project:

  • Ask questions about the material, to help your understanding of it or to see how the information can be extended. To ask questions about a specific image, just click the 'discussion' tab at the top of the image page. Or, go to Ask Dr. Math Images on the left.
  • Make suggestions or ask questions about a particular page on its discussion page.
  • Do a class project about a math image or the math behind the image (We encourage you to contribute some of what you learn to our site!).
  • Create an image page from an image you've made or found.
  • On our feedback page, tell us what needs improving or what you like about the site.
  • Visit the Community Portal, a place for people to share ideas and interact. There's something for everyone, including students, college math professors, math teachers, computer science students, computer science faculty, and math and computer science people.

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