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Hey Maria... this page is pretty much yours, and I also don't know where to add it in... so I'm putting it here in hopes you can incorporate it somewhere.

Force equations to be big

Sometimes equations end up different sizes, when you'd like them to all look the same, like


 x=ba .

Basically, Tex commands like \frac force equations to be bigger. By adding them, you'll end up with bigger equations. An alternate way to type the above is


 x=b \times a .

That's <math> \frac{x}{a}=b </math>

<math> x=b \times a </math>.

One of my favorite ways to do this involves using parentheses. Instead of using just ( and ), use \left( and \right). That turns  f(x) into  f \left( x \right) . That was <math> f(x)</math> into <math> f \left( x \right) </math>.