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the second will just show the URL as the link.
the second will just show the URL as the link.
<h1>Some More Advanced Stuff</h1>
==Mouse Overs==
==Mouse Overs==

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The Basics


Interwiki Links

For links to pages in this wiki such as "Newton's Basin", use the code:

[[Page Name| text you want shown]] OR [[Page Name]]

the latter code is used when the text you want shown is simply the page name. And, yes, when specifying the page name, cAsE MaTTerS.

Outside Links

For a link to an outside webpage, such as wikipedia, use the code:

[PageURL textYouWantShown] OR [PageURL]

the second will just show the URL as the link.

Some More Advanced Stuff

Mouse Overs

To generate a "balloon", use the code:

<balloon title="Text you want in balloon.">text for mouseover</balloon>

For more information and more interesting applications, visit here or here (for math in mouseovers)


To generate the hide/show thing, use the code:

Like this!
{{hide|Text you want hidden}}

if your text contains an "=" sign, you must use the code:

{{hide|1=Text you want hidden}}

otherwise it appears as {{1}} in your page, which is silly.

Embedding Videos

You can embed youtube videos by using the code


where the xI2eEcqz46E represents the id assigned by youtube (you can find it in the URL of your video)

...and you can embed parts of youtube videos by using the code:


where start and end are the value (in seconds) of where in you want the clip to start and end.