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Welcome to the Math Images FAQ! Here you can find answers to common questions. If you'd like something to be added to the FAQ, let us know on the feedback page.

What is the Math Images project?

The Math Images project began as a collaboration between Swarthmore College, the Math Forum at Drexel University, and the National Science Digital Library (NSDL). The project aims to introduce the internet population to the beauty of mathematics. Learn more on the About page.

How is the site built?

This site was built using the MediaWiki software that powers [ Wikipedia]. We have customized some of the Mediawiki software, in addition to using various extensions, to allow users to have the best experience we can provide. For a partial list of the extensions we use, click here. For a full listing, contact a moderator.

How do I edit the wiki?

To learn more about editing this wiki, take a look here. If you were looking for more advanced advice on editing pages on this wiki, take a look at the Advanced User Guide.

How do I add images?

To learn how to contribute images to our wiki, go here

I use Safari as my internet browser and sometimes when I use the back button on your site I get a lot of weird code displayed... what is up with that?

We have heard that Safari users have this problem on many websites that use the MediaWiki software. The refresh button will cause the page to reload and properly display should this problem occur. However, we feel this website is best viewed using Firefox.

What's A Helper Page?

A Helper Page is our name for a page that explains concepts that are useful background knowledge for image pages. Helper Pages can double as image pages (usually if there's a really neat picture that demonstrates the concept) and thus may contain several images, but often the Helper Pages are aimed at simply explaining a particular math topic such as Logarithms or Complex Numbers. Click here for a complete listing of Helper Pages.

How come none of your applets are working?

For most embedded videos and flash files, you need Adobe Flash Player, which is available for free from Adobe's site, which you can go to now by clicking here. Make sure you have the flash player installed along with the appropriate browser plugin. For Java applets to work, you need to have Java installed on your computer, which can be downloaded for free here.
If you see the green box below, you have Java installed and it will tell you your version number in the green box. To view some applets on our site, your version number should at least be 1.6.0_14.

If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.