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Feel free to add comments on existing citations, as well as further examples

Geometer's Sketchpad can be a useful interactive program. This gallery contains a number of examples. This spring I was attempting to give very elementary students some notion of four-dimensional space and they particularly liked the Hypercube example.

Math Open Reference contains very nicely done interactive pages, mostly from elementary geometry.

Drexel's own Math Forum contains a potentially useful Math Tools section. Here's their Math Topics by course for school mathematics. Here's Maria's more general entry to Math Tools.

I know that Drexel is in some ways a Maple shop, but Mathematica has some useful resources, too. Wolfram Demonstrations, "a free resource of interactive visualizations." Mathworld, Eric Weisstein's encyclopedia, contains some interactive pages and is worth searching to get out of the Wikipedia mode. Also, Swarthmore has a license for WebMathematica, and some folks that might like to use it.

Could someone give some nice examples from Maple? Maplesoft must have some good interactive pages we should have on tap.

Educational Computer Gaming: Places like Tabula Digita,,, and have the right philosophy, I believe, but I can't point to anything immediately useful. Likewise, academic groups like and are perhaps the tip of the academic iceberg--some good examples should be available!

Closer to home, Jean-Claude Bradley a chemistry professor at Drexel is very involved in using games for chemistry education.