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Anna 7/4

I thought the second half of the sentence "Escape-time fractals are created in the complex plane with a single function, such as f(z) = z^2 + c, where z is a complex number and c is any real number." was distracting, so I went ahead and changed it to Escape-time fractals are created in the complex plane with a single function f(z)."

I vote that this is ready for the public.

David 6/30

Rebekah, The changes in all the pages I have looked at so far look really good. Thanks. As for IFC and strange attractor connections- In the descriptions of both you talk about chaos and I am wondering is it the same type of chaos? If not or if so how are they the same or different.

Thanks for clarifying. Yes, they are the same type of chaos and I tried to revise the information in the Examples of Fractals sections.
Ryang1 (6/30)

David 6/26

Rebekah, As I read through this page, I thought it was very good. There are a couple of phrases I am uncomfortable with, I am not sure how to change them but here goes; recursive statement - is it a statement or function or process, I am not sure.

The section on Fractal dimension confused me

What are the connections between IFC and strange attractors?

Thanks for the comments!
Yes, I was not careful with my use of recursive statement/function/process/equation - hopefully it is more clear now.
I was having some trouble explaining fractal dimension, and I was trying to only write a sentence or two on it because there is another helper page on the topic of fractal dimension.
I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to in your last comment about "IFC and strange attractors". Can you elaborate more?
Ryang1 (6/26)

Rebekah, I've made a few small changes to make the mathematical English correct. I also changed the heading of one section: "irregular" dimension doesn't mean much; I've changed it to what I think you mean.

There are a number of other changes like this I could make, but I just made a few to test out using the editing and discussion features.