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Drexel University
Welcome to Drexel's Summer 2012 page.


Here is a list of items that we'd like to seen done over the course of the project. It should grow and shrink as items are added and completed.

  • Implement WebGL Metaball demo into existing Metaball page
  • Work on fixing problems listen in the Audit Table

Audit Table

Pages Details fixed?
Arbelos image visible, header size for leather cutting and art and design one to large No
Straight Line and its construction Does not properly implement references in the wiki format, lacks a basic description No
Divergence Theorem Bad formatting on under "Example of Divergence Theorum Verification" No
Euclidean Algorithm The Image intro is far to long, belongs in Basic Description probably. No
Blue Fern References are done incorrectly. No
Harmonic Warping Image under more mathematical explanation gets shown, should be hidden Yes
Julia Sets broken links to "More Julia Set Pictures Creawted by Anna" No
Monkey Saddle No Why it's interesting No
Koch Snowflake Messed up categories, extra text No
Roulette To much is hidden, there are 5+ "show "mores" and instead should be 1 "more mathematical" No
Henon Attractor To many hides in the "more mathematical" section No
Hyperbolic Tilings needs more mathematical section hidden, other sections to many hides No
Parabolic Reflector no table of contents No
Problem of Apollonius Visible animation should be hidden Yes
Newton's Basin To many hides No
Fibonacci Numbers spam text Yes
Quaternion needs a mathematical explaination, needs a field, needs a image author (or remove it), needs a category No


Here is a list of all of the items we have completed throughout the project.

Calvin Morrison (CalvinMorrison)


I am here to audit the math images project to check for consistency and accuracy as well as template correctness.

Problem pages

Other Math Image Pages

  • Existing pages need work ([1])
  • Pages with most categories ([2])
  • Special pages ([3])

Russell Wiley (Russell Wiley)

Currently Working

I'm currently working making a working applet to this [[4]] since the mathmatica links are dead.

Tyler Romasco (Tyler Romasco)

I'm currently working on cleaning up some pages as well as getting rid of spam that has interfered with the formatting of some completed pages.

Who We Are

David Breen, User:David
Calvin Morrison, User: CalvinMorrison (undergraduate student)
Tyler Romasco, User: TylerRomasco (undergraduate student)
Russell Wiley, User: Rlw82 (undergraduate student)



Pages Ready for Final Review

Feedback Requests

Site programming questions




Math Tools Requests This page is a place where students whose primary focus is writing pages can post requests for applets, animations, and new images that they'd like to see the computer science students create.

Threw this up real quick, will be updating with applets as they are created([5])