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Welcome to the Drexel Summer 09 Entry to TmipClear.png !

[Welcome message from Dave?]

To get started go to the upper right of the page and click on "Log in/create account" with the username you've been sent. (If you have questions or complications, email Keith, kblaha1@swarthmore.edu).

As a first step, click on "edit" and at the top of this page [or wherever], put three tildas ("~") which will produce your username when you click the Save page button at the bottom. Do that so that you see your username in red--an unused page. Click on it and fill it in with a brief description about yourself--your interests and background, in particular.

A Brief Tour of What's Been Done So Far:

MIwiki is the original work wiki for the Math Image Project. At the top you'll find the username pages of the current students and faculty working on it. Other things that might be of interest:

Math Images is the draft homepage of the site--if you browse around it please click on the Discussion page and leave comments--we'll have to revise it soon (in fact, Maria's in the process of making some revisions).

swat09 is the Swarthmore student main entry site equivalent to this Drexel09. The Exhortations at the top may not be of great interest to you, but check out the student names in the Table of Contents. Keith, Maria, and Anna are a bit different but you'll see draft Math Image page names below the others. Some even have "Drexel" following them. You can look at any of the image pages, but are especially invited to check out those with the Drexel. Take a look to see what the Swarthmore students have been doing, and click on the discussion page and leave a comment! You should be looking for possible partners and also brainstorming ideas about possible applets, graphics, and animations to go with some of the pages folks have made.

Getting Started:

  • make up your userpage, as described above, to get started using the wiki
  • browse around, leaving comments on the Math Images discussion page and the Swarthmore student's discussion page, looking around for interesting possibilities for interaction on the latter
  • look through the Helper Pages in the left navbar and the Hard Math page to see if you can find anything you'd like to work on--if there's anything you've struggled with that isn't there, add it!