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Click on my name above for things that I've finished
===Working On===
===Working On===

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Welcome to the Drexel Summer 09 Entry to TmipClear.png !

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please put up contact information on Drexel-Swat Partnering page: Drexel-Swat_Partnering

Getting Started --- A Brief Tour of What's Been Done So Far

Things to do:

  • browse around, leaving comments on the Math Images discussion page and the Swarthmore student's discussion page, looking around for interesting possibilities for interaction on the latter
  • look through the Helper Pages in the left navbar and the Hard Math page to see if you can find anything you'd like to work on--if there's anything you've struggled with that isn't there, add it!

Notes from July 6th Video Conference

  • See Rebekah's page as well as Alan's for ideas for more projects.
  • Gene has invited us to write pages for the math for computer graphics topics.
  • Also, we've been invited to Swarthmore if we wish, next week, to begin work with webMathematica while the license for Drexel is pending approval.

Notes from July 8th VC

  • Next VC meeting tentatively scheduled for Friday (7/17)
  • Gene mentioned that he has acquired 5 webMathematica licenses for Drexel

Math for Computer Graphics and Computer Vision


Check out the Drexel-Swat Partnering page to see who's paired up with whom and keep track of what they're working on...

Possible Applets/Animations for Drexel Students To Do

  • Parametric Equations Page- demonstrate the parametric construction of a circle. Perhaps the user can increase the value of the parameter in the parametric equations of a circle, and see the resulting circle be drawn in real time. The same type of applet would be cool for the butterfly curve, although I already have an animation for this curve (from wikipedia) and making another one would be more difficult than a circle.
  • Henon Attractor Page - an applet allowing the users to pick values of a and b to create different Henon Attractor (Mike is now done this applet)
  • Blue Fern Page - my ideas for this are pretty vague. Perhaps some sort of an animation or applet showing the different types of matrix transformations and translations involved in making the fern. Maybe showing what each matrix does to an object (rotate it, shrink it...)
  • Brunnian Links - an interactive 3D model of the Borromean rings (and possibly high ring levels also) similar to this YouTube. I was thinking about an applet that would allow users to rotate the model with their mouse to see all perspectives of the ring, as well as have an animation showing that after one ring is removed, the ring unravels.
  • Torus page- The section n-torus could use an illustration of how an n-dimensional object can exist in n+1 dimensions. For example a line, which is a 1D object can exist in 2D when it is bent into a circle. Similarly, in 3D, a cube wraps to form a 3-torus. Illustrations could really help explain this section. I've tried searching for images online but could not get one that specifically shows this.


Click on my name above for things that I've finished

Working On

Emily G.


  • Status- Finished (7/7)
  • Status- In progress (using Flash)
  • Rhodonea (Cardioid, Rose Petals, Limacons, etc.)- interactive graphing
  • Status- Investigating the possibility of using a webMathematica applet to accomplish this
  • Status- Investigating the possibility of using a webMathematica applet to accomplish this
  • Status- On hold (revision of strategy necessary).

Week One

This week after setting up Flash CS4 on my laptop and while familiarizing myself with actionscript3, I began a flash tutorial which explains and visualizes the patterns within Pascal's Triangle. The final result will be longer than I initially realized. At this point, it almost feels like I'm creating a movie, but that's alright because I want the tutorial to be thorough and to have clear visualizations of the patterns. Without thorough animation, some of the patterns would be particularly hard to see for yourself. Animation is started but not complete for the original triangle, diagonal rows, shallow diagonal rows (Fibonacci sequence), and the even/odd pattern (Sierpenski's triangle). Descriptions are needed for all of the patterns. Animation is not started for the hockey stick pattern. With no snags, I should be able to finish this animation by next Friday.

Week Two

The majority of the week was spent refining the Pascal's Triangle tutorial. Specifically, it was spent completing the animations within the tutorial, revising the descriptions/explanations, and debugging. In the final hours of the week, I looked into finding more projects which I can work on in the future, and began developing a flash video which is a looping zoom into a Cantor_Set. This week I also looked into the use of webMathematica for some applets. I think it will be particularly helpful in the construction of some interactive applets (like the Rhodonea graphing tool or for graphing 3d objects).


Stereographic Projection applet: Stereographic Projection
Hypotrochoid applet: Hypotrochoid
Metaballs applet: Metaballs
Mandelbrot applet: Mandelbrot
Koch Snowflake applet: Koch Snowflake
Catenary applet: Catenary
Julia set applet: Julia set
Chryzode applet: Chryzode
Conic Section applet: Conic Section
Procedural Images applet: Procedural Images


If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.


I'm a Computer Science sophomore at Drexel University. This Summer term (Summer 09) is my first term working on the Math Images project.

The Plan:

Working with Josh and Alan to add interactivity in the pages previously created by Alan.
I plan to concentrate on Flash animation while Josh explores the Java.

Work Progress:

Week 1:
Surfed around the MathImages website. Familiarized myself with the many different pages and projects.
Spoke with Alan and Josh and made a tentative plan of what is to be achieved in the duration of the research project.
Installed and set up Adobe Flash CS4. Started reading tutorials and watching videos to learn using Flash.
Learned basic wiki tags and wiki usage and embedding flash .swf files into wiki
Created a simple flash animation to show matrix multiplication of two 2x2 matrices. May be incorporated in the Matrix helper page.
Matrix Calculator:
Currently working on a Matrix calculator.
After making the barebones framework in week 3, I have been adding features in it this week. It now has the option to add and recall from memory, a Clear option, the calculator returns an error if the user does not select any operator, it does not accept non-numeric values etc.
You can see the beta ver. here : [1]
Some features I am currently working on:
  • Allowing user to select dimensions of Matrix
  • Calculation of Invert, Adjoint and Determinant of Matrix
  • Show tutorials for all operations


I just completed my freshman year at Drexel, going for a BS in Computer Science


Working with Ayush and Alan to add interactivity in the pages previously created by Alan.
Working mainly with Java

Progress After Week 1

Because I am really working on this project part-time I did not make any major strides this week but I did get a few things accomplished

I learned the basics of writing Java Applets
I'm about 1/3 of the way done a program that segments a rectangle into thirds and then illustrates the Golden Spiral



If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found. What I have so far: http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~smh86/index.html

  • Blue Wash, applet changing k (in Inclined Recursive Method) & animation drawing the basic no k method (in Basic Recursive Method)
  • Blue Fern, Henon Attractor, redo the animations with small points
  • Hyperbolic Tilings, applet where users input Schläfli symbol to create a tiling
    • This would take too long for me to do. Maybe someone else can do this one, or we could just use the already made applet?
  • Newton's Basin, redo the animation (maybe users input the equations)
  • Logarithms, interactive quiz with exponential and logarithmic equations
  • Harter-Heighway Dragon, animating the curve at each iteration stage


If you see the green box below, you have Java installed. To view the Change of Coordinate Systems Applet, your version number should at least be 1.6.0_14. If it still does not work, please let me know!

If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.

Click here to learn more about the Java Tester Applet.


  • Status: Finished
  • Description: An applet which allows for a visual representation of user defined points in 3-space
  • Link: Change of Coordinate Systems Applet
  • Notes: Finished applet, if you find any bugs, please let me know! email: mjh96@drexel.edu
  • Status: Not Started
  • Description:An applet or animation that displays the gradient at different points on a surface
  • Status: Finished
  • Description: An applet allowing for an interactive representation of 2D vector algebra, mainly consisting of: addition and subtraction. Scalar multiplication was not included as it would be a detriment to the applet's simple point and click interface. However, if anyone feels this feature should be added, I can certainly do so.
  • Link: 2D Vector Applet
  • Notes: If you find any bugs, please let me know! email: mjh96@drexel.edu. Also, I am aware of the annoying tendency of vectors clipping with the bounds of the graph when the addition procedure is carried out.
  • Status: Finished
  • Description: An applet allowing the user to simulate rolling a six-sided dice, and graphically keep track of the outcome distribution.
  • Link: Dice Probability Applet
  • Notes: Let me know if you have any suggestions. email: mjh96@drexel.edu
  • Status: Not Started (Someone else may pick it up if they wish)
  • Description: An applet allowing the user to enter the components of 2 vectors and display a graphical representation of a vector cross product
  • Status: In Progress
  • Description: An applet that generates a random arithmetic sequence and allows the user to fill in missing spots. A geometric version is likely to follow.
Note: If a project is listed as "Not Started," feel free to pick it up if you wish

Week 1 Progress

After getting comfortable with writing Java applets, I began to read the Java 3D tutorial provided by Sun. After getting down some of the basics, I began to work on the Change of Coordinates applet. So far I have created a 3D graph that has the ability to graphically display a point in 3-space as specified by the user. This point may then be displayed with a rectangular/cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical representation. As of now, the points are input via the console, yet in the finished version, the user will be able to click any location in 3-space to select a point. The user will also be able to navigate the space with a mouse or keyboard.

If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.

If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.