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Tangents of Crop Circles
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Field: Geometry
Image Created By: Eiman Eltigani

Tangents of Crop Circles

Crop circles, formed by crushed crops, are a pattern of geometric shapes, such as triangles, circles, etc. They illustrate many geometric theorems and relationships between the shapes of the pattern.

Basic Description

Comparing three crop circles that aren’t exactly touching can form three tangent lines, with each line adjacent to all three of the circles. Connecting the center points of all the circles creates a triangle, which is equilateral. The circumscribed circle of the triangle includes all the center points of the three circles and shows relations of diameter to these circles.

A More Mathematical Explanation

Note: understanding of this explanation requires: *Geometry

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Why It's Interesting

Crop circles are interesting because

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Bert Janssen, an award-winning author and researcher, has written many articles about crop circles due to his interest in geometry, shapes, and forms.

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