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Creating an Image Page

Once you are logged in, and you have a math image you would like to contribute to our site, you can add it to our wiki! Click on Create an Image Page, under 'interaction' on the sidebar. Enter the name of the Math Image Page you would like to create (so, if I am making a page about an image called Clown.jpg, I might enter Clown as the page name). After clicking 'Add or edit page', a form will come up, which should be empty. If it is not empty, that means that there is already a Math Image page by that name. You should check to make sure that the image you uploaded is not the same as the one on the pre-existing page. If they are different, you should come up with a new page name. Once you have a blank form, fill it in with these guidelines:

  • Image Title- this should be the title of the image (ex., Clown)
  • File- here, click the 'Upload a Math Image' link. A pop up form will appear, prompting you to upload your math image to the site. Click on the Browse button and select the image you wish to upload. Now type in a relevant destination filename (for example, if my image is of a clown, and it is a .jpg file, I would set the destination filename to be Clown.jpg). Now write a quick summary of the image.
  • Short Description- this should be a 1 or 2 sentence long basic description of the image
  • Basic Explanation- this should be a description of the image that is put in terms that pre-college students and other people without a rigorous math background could get some basic understanding
  • More Detailed Explanation- this should be a description of the image that is more in depth so that college students and others with a deeper math background can get gain a deep understanding for the math behind the image
    • What subject(s) is(are) necessary to understand the above explanation (if applicable)- enter what math subjects would be useful for understanding the image (e.g., Linear Algebra or Real Analysis)
  • Who (or What) Created this Image- the name of the creator of the image, whether person or program (if you do not know the author, simply put "Unknown")
  • About the Author- a quick biography of the author or description of the program
  • Image's Site of Origin (name)- the name of the site the image came from
  • Image's Site of Origin (URL)- the URL of the main page of the site the image came from
  • Image's Field of Mathematics- the fields of mathematics to which the uploaded image is a part of (the first one should be the primary one, i.e. the field under which the image will appear in the thumbnail gallery and slideshow)
  • Why is this interesting? (mathematically or otherwise)- what inspired you to make this page
  • How does your main image relate to the topics discussed?- this is more important for abstract images that are harder to link directly to the math discuessed
  • Links to Other Sites about this field- other useful sites about the same field
  • References- please list any references you used in creating the page
  • Things This Page Needs in the Future- help determine the future direction the page could take
  • Is This Page a Work in Progress- although we feel all pages are technically works in progress indefinitely, please check this box when the page still requires significant contributions