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Facebook friend Web
[[Image:FB Web.jpg|center|400px]]
Field: Statistics
Image Created By: Social Graph

Facebook friend Web

Friend network of a particular Facebook account. The pink indicates a "mob" of tightly interconnected friends, such as high school or college friends.

Basic Description

The concept of creating a "mob" (like in the image of a friend network), which is establishing conclusions from gigantic data sets, is the essence of "big data." Big data is a new term that describes the revolution in technology and methodologies of analyzing enormous amounts of data (web surfing, for one). This is important because with these methods, we are able to make decisions built on core statistical evidence than on gut feeling.

Food-Webs: An Intuitive Example of a Social Network

Simple Food-Web Systems and Graph Theory

A graph showing the basics of graphs in the context of food-webs

Methods of Big Data Analysis

Software such as Gephi and UCINET, mention how they work.

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