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I am a rising sophomore from Swarthmore College and I major in Physics and Engineering.

I started to love math when I first came into contact with Newton's theory of calculus, the theory of electromagnetism and the theory of quantum mechanics and realized that math was such a wonderfully useful tool. After I have taken some math courses at Swarthmore, I was more convinced that math is beautiful on its own. In my opinion, the greatest power of math is its internal consistency; turning useful definitions into theorems and apply them.

I love the Math Images Project because I think images are the most helpful tool in learning and teaching math (or even getting interested in math).

Check s10 page for all the pages done in 2010 summer.

Thanks for visiting and tune in for more updates in the summer!



Some Updates

I am a rising junior as of the summer of 2011. For this summer, I am helping the S11 folks with editing their pages. In addition, I am doing physics research at Upenn in LRSM with Prof. Frank Moscatelli. I live at ML 109 for the summer and you can call my room number at ext. 3376 at night.

More Updates

I am a rising senior as of the summer of 2012. I am a part-time advisor for MIP this summer providing feedback for the new group. I am working at ITS as a SEED intern. In addition, I am attending Dartmouth's Tuck Bridge Program, a business school summer program.