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Hello world:

Bill in 3-D

My name is Bill Wu and I'm a rising sophomore here at Swarthmore College. (Actually I prefer the term "falling" freshman, much less pressure) After coasting through my last final (math35: vector calc), I was literally like this But all in all, the first year of college was a fleeting spur of knowledge and fun, standing at its end point.

I love to eat, let it be Indian cuisine, Thai, Chinese, Greek, or just... world. In fact just yesterday, my friends and I cabbed to Media to enjoy a fancy Japanese restaurant, Azie. Here's a photo,

Azie in Media, PA

Another one of hobbies is dealing with a certain type of geometric figure, the sphere. Not just any plain sphere like the ones they have in math texts, but ones composed of fine leather and usually with the word "Spalding" printed across. That's right, I'm a huge fan of basketball, both at watching it and also practicing the sport.


On a more serious note, I love math. That explains why I'm here in the forum I guess. I've been doing it since first grade of elementary school. From adding single digit integers to adding vectors in n-dimensional space, I stuck with it, firm and steady through all these years. My high school took an approach to math that emphasized repetitious practice in large amounts. That established for me firm fundamentals, but at the same time left not spacious room for imagination and freedom to roam. So, I was especially inspired by the illustrative approach Math Image took upon, and I will strive hard to play my part and elaborate/research some good work over the ten week span.

Also, a few words about me growing up. I grew up in a town called "Taiyuan" in Shanxi province of China. I moved to Beijing with my family when I was five? or so. In 2001, my family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where I spent two years in elementary school in a northern suburb called Westlake, which rests on the shore of the magnificent Lake Erie. Then, I moved back to Beijing in 2003 and stayed there for junior/senior high before I returned to the states for Swarthmore College.

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I could be found by email at, and my cell: 610-745-4462.