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I'm Steve Cunningham, a retired -- but still active -- computer graphicist who values his mathmatics background. I'm in this for two reasons: I love to play with mathematical graphics, and I've valued my conversations with Gene about mathematics and graphics for some time. I expect that I'll learn a lot here!

I think I'm with the Math Images project as some sort of computer graphics consultant, but I don't know what kind of consultant -- that's probably up to the rest of you. I have some experience in creating images that involve mathematics, and I look forward to the chance to with with everyone in the project on the graphics you need.

The first thing I know I can contribute right away is the development of 3D graphics surfaces from analytic functions < x(u,v), y(u,v), z(u,v) >. If you want to look at this, let me know -- I have fairly simple C code with OpenGL graphics and GLSL vertex and fragment shaders, easy to adapt to any function you want to play with. An image of the Enneper surface has been uploaded and is included below. But I hope I can contribute a lot more than this!