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An always smiling and hardworking girl who believes what she believes.

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Hi, I am Phoebe from Sweet Briar College, Class of 2014. I am a Math major. I participated in Math Images Project in the summer of 2011 and I loved my job! I hope I could continue working on those fascinating math pages and I will definitely come back and see those pages a lot.

I like any fun stuff. Comedies, jokes, toys, amusement parks... you name it. Friends is my favorite TV show. I love music, movies, and games. LOL. I love food. Any kind of food. And I like to cook. Authentic Chinese food and Italian food are my two favorites! I like hanging out with friends as well as spending time with mom and dad. Reading? Well...not so much... And I love mathematics! Don't know why but I'm always obsessed with it and can't live without it. Usually I'm that type of person who changes her interests from time to time.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank Prof. Barnes, Flora Li, Anna Donko from Sweet Briar College, Kate Derosier, Richard Scott, Anna Phillips, Chris T from Swarthmore College for their lovely help and encouragement! I wouldn't make it without your support!! I really want more and more people to see this fabulous website, to talk about math here, and work on updating and creating more pages.

Some Updates

Hey I'm back!!! Can't believe I am going to be a junior!!! I will work on Catalan Numbers this summer, and help other Sweet Briar girls with their projects. Look forward to MIP 2012!

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