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I am a rising junior at RPI. I am a computer systems engineer with a computer science dual major. I plan on doing my CSE concentration in graphics, and then doing a co-terminal masters in computer science.

I am working on the Math Images Project for the summer of '11. RPI11_Page.

The first page that I made is Kruskal's Algorithm. I feel the page is ready for review.
I made the page Permutation and I plan on changing the picture at some point because I'm not quite happy with it yet.

I am currently working on the Volume of Revolution page. I did not make this page, but I felt that more could be added to it. In addition to making an animation for the page, I am also adding in the Washer Method (only the disk method was previously discussed) which the animation visualizes.

  • Update: I am currently done with this page except for changing the picture (which doesn't seem to be working for me for some reason) and linking to the code that I posted on GoogleCode. I would appreciate any thoughts/assistance from a knowledgeable colleague on this :).

I am currently working on gaphics pages, learning the math tag formatting, and creating a picture for the transformation page. (June 27)

  • Update: I have mostly finished the Transformations and Matrices page (The main picture still needs to be finished) and I am working on the Silhouette Edges page. The content of these pages was written by Steve Cunningham. I am formatting them and I will also be making main pictures for the pages. (June 30)
  • Personal Note: Once there is a page for surface normals, silhouette edges needs to link to it (in computing normals section). Silhouette Edges will need a link to surfaces in example of a surface section, and a link to graphics primitives an the example of an object section. The graphics primitives page will need a link to the surfaces page in the making 3d objects section (right under surface picture)
  • Update: I have formatted the Surface Normals page. I have not yet created an image for the graphics pages, so I am currently using another image from the page as the main image.(July 1)
  • Update: I have made a new main image for the Surface Normals page and I have added it to the graphics main page. I would like comments on it for improvement (I would also like to say again that the content was written by Steve Cunningham). (July 7)
  • Update: I have finished formatting the Matrix page. (July 12)
  • Update: Transformations and Matrices, Surface Normals, and Silhouette Edges are up for final review. (July 22)
  • Update: Matrix is up for final review. (July 25)
  • Update: Surface Normals and Silhouette Edges have gone through one round of final review and Transformations and Matrices has gone through two. (July 28)
  • Update: Transformations and Matrices has been approved! (July 29)

I am working on learning java and how to write applets. The first applet I've made is directly below. I thought it would be a good thing to start with because it is very simple visually, and useful to me in making things in OpenGL and java. I hope it can also be useful to others.

If you can see this message, the Java Applet failed to run. No Java plug-in was found.

  • Upade: I am working on the seven bridges applet. I have gotten the border layout and buttons working, colors, and the picture is showing up in the window. I am trying to get the drawn graphics working. (July 28)

Future plans include finishing the rest of Steve Cunningham's papers and making an applet (but I'd have to learn how) for the Seven Bridges of Königsberg page.

For anyone else who was having trouble with the difficulty categories, here is the code to put your page in the desired categories. I usually put it right above the 'in progress' tag (not indented):

My favorite part of working on Math Images is the graphics work. If anyone would like a graphic or animation created, I would be happy to do it! :) Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or requests or leave a message on the discussion thread on this page.

You can also check out what I've been up to by checking out my contributions page: contribs