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Iris(7/13) Hi Maria, this is Iris. I have one question to ask you. I was trying to change the main picture of my new page, Pascal's triangle, and the page wouldn't allow me to do that. Can you see what the problem is?

  • I'm not sure why it would be doing this. Can you tell me specifically what images you are trying change to and from so that I can give it a try?
Iris(7/15) I was trying to change the main image to


but it doesn't work. Also, I was trying to add an "why interesting" section using edit with form, but whenever I do that, I get errors. For now, I just added the section through simple edit, but the position of that section is very weird.

Also, there's a very similar page called Pascal's triangle 2. I think Laizah might have created two pages. I have only been working on one of them, so can you delete the page Pascal's triangle 2?? This is the link Pascal's triangle 2 Thanks!

  • Done.

Oh, and I forgot to add this too. I'm trying to use SwitchPreview, and the example you gave was

Hi there, this is a sample {\color{Gray}a^2+b^2 = c^2} equation. I migh [...]

Hi there, this is a sample {a^2+b^2 = c^2} equation. I might follow it with a proof. Maybe.

Is there anyway you can make the blue link into bold, like other HideShow links?

  • Done.

Don't know if this is more like what you/Prof. Maurer wanted in the first place, but let me know what you think of Template:ReferenceEqn.

If you're fine with the solution you've come up with with the numbers/reference links on the left, then no worries.


Iris Hi Maria, this is Iris. I have a couple things that I want to ask you.

1. can we change the word that appears in HideShow? For instance, right now, we have

something hidden

and the blue words appear as : "click to show more."

Is it possible that we have another template which does the same thing as HideShow, but have words "Click here to show proof" & "Click here to hide proof" (once we open the hidden part) ?

  • (6/28 - 2pm) - What do you think of the "HideShowThis" template --> here? It allows you to specify what you'd like the links to say and gives you the preview element as well. If you do not *need* the preview, there is also a HideThis template, which does a similar thing without the grey preview.

2. Moreover, I realized that the math, which uses the code <math> and </math> does not appear gray, but appears as regular black colors before we click HideShow, like this :


This is an example x^2+y^2=z^2

Is there a way we can make the math appear gray as well? Thanks!

  • (6/28 - 2pm) - Mmm. So, unfortunately, the math is parsed by the MediaWiki software before it comes to any extensions that I can add to the software. What that means is that it'd take some digging to find where that happens and prevent it from happening before my "Preview" extension does the work of making things grey and figuring out how many characters to put in.
So, instead... How does this kind of cheating work-around work for your purposes while I see if there's anything else I can do? The work-around is to use a template called SwitchPreview, for which you specify the preview text AND the full text. (The preview text can be the entire hidden text if you want, because the Preview extension still counts out the number of characters, etc., but in your case, it would be the same text EXCEPT that the math would be made gray with the: \color{Grey} command.) I put an example up on the template's page. Check it out and let me know if that works alright for now.