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Note to All :: When you have a problem/question...
Please cite specific examples, where possible. Multiple examples are good too. Thanks! --Maria

Maria Kelly

Hello all, please check out Wiki Tricks before you leave me any questions. It's a great resource!

...But, if you can't find what you're looking for there. Feel free to add to this page: Things we need from Maria

A Test: Maria 16:07, 29 October 2010 (UTC) Maria

A Ridiculous Page

Some Recent Work:

... for Iris
... for Becky
... for Xingda
... for Prof. Maurer

What I'm Up To

Trying some things for Xingda


This sentence should have a footnote [1]. This sentence should have one too.[2][3]


Arithmetic 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... Logarithms
2^1 2^2 2^3 2^4 2^5 2^6 ...
Geometric 2 4 8 16 32 64 ... Antilogarithms


  • EasyBalloon template hopes to make inserting mouseovers even easier.
  • Did some Work for Iris having to do with the HideShow Template
  • And some Work for Becky/everyone.
  • Have been working on the semi-frustrating task of getting the hidden things to open when you click on them in the TOC... AND, I've almost got it!


  • An "EasyBalloon" template to make putting in mouseovers even easier. Let me know what you think?? Template:EasyBalloon.
  • Working on getting Comment leaver's name in Template:Comment.

Past Things

June 2010


The sum of firstn Fibonacci numbers is one less than the value of the {(n+2)}^{\rm th} Fibonacci number:

Eq. (3)         F_1+F_2+\dots+F_n=F_{n+2}-F_2=F_{n+2}-1



  • Added "swat10" link which directs to [S10] at top of page for all users in "staff" group.
  • Working on the greyed-out preview then "[click here to show more]" option:

Some text that we could in theory preview... I think?


  • Working at the Math Forum putting together some basic information about the Wiki and for testing Math Images if it goes down...

Previous Summer Work

Summer 2009 Work
Summer 2008 Work
  1. Bryant, & Sangwin, 2008, p. 34
  2. Kempe, 1877, p. 12
  3. Taimina