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Hi. I'm Eliza Sulea, and I've decided to be the weird broccoli lady for this project. I'm working with the Romanesco Broccoli, which is really cool because it is a natural fractal, and a natural Fibonacci spiral. Or at least it looks like it. Initially I wanted to work with the fractal aspect of the broccoli. I wanted to find some way to relate the fractals with the spiral, but I couldn't figure out what I exactly wanted. I was working towards some loose concept. I went along with the idea but discovered that it would turn into a huge science experiment, in which i would actually need to buy the broccoli and measure every corner of it. I still decided to keep working on it, but instead coincidentally I was working on something else. I found pictures of the broccoli online and I started making ratios between the distances of the vertices of the fractals. I then made ratios between the fibonacci sequence numbers and I plotted both groups of ratios on one graph. The lines created by each ratio matched almost perfectly. Instead of finding a relation between the fractals and the sequence, I proved that the broccoli really does grow in accordance to the Fibonacci sequence, math wise not just by how it looked.