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Chris Taranta teaches mathematics to middle and high school students at Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia. He has worked with the Math Images program for the past several years, focusing on making the Math Images pages accessible for high school students and using the pages to inspire high schoolers to delve more deeply into mathematics concepts.

In the winter and spring of 2012, with the help of Diana Patton, twelve 9th-grade Geometry students worked to create their own Math Images pages. The results, which can be found at Masterman Students Work, include descriptions of involutes, the relationship of apothems and area of regular polygons, and pop-up fractals, as well as original work on topics such as pentagonal fractals and an Apollonian Gasket / Koch Snowflake combination.

Over the past two years, Masterman students also produced tessellations that were published on, an award-winning website of Escher-style tessellation art and teachers' tutorials. To see the work from 2011, go to [1]. To see the ever-growing repertoire from 2012, go to [2].

Chris loves working with both the staff and students in the Math Images program and values the connections made between his students and the Swarthmore folks.