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I am a liberal studies major at Montgomery County Community College, but I am working with Drexel on the Math Images project.

My primary area of knowledge is in GNU/Linux, and this is where most of my free time goes! I like to hack on stuff, and I contribute to a few projects.

If you need to contact me:

  • I usually hang out in #archlinux and #trinity-desktop
  • Also you can contact me via cell phone, which is listed on my website.

my website has links to my relevant pages and such.

I have been working with Trinity Project for some time, check us out!

Projects on Math Images:

  • Finishing up pages, pushing them for review
  • adding pages into the main website, via home page, or sub categories.
  • simplifying access to all pages, i.e everything needs to be easily accessed.
  • pages like Field:Geometry need to be completed and organized, as well as have the different fields of math link together.