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While some of the details about referencing sources for both text and images are still being smoothed out, the default style is:

References for Text

  • Include links to websites in footnotes.
  • The website is useful to generate citations for books. But sometimes it does not work so well so you need to check. These citations should be listed along with the links to other webpages in the footnotes of each page.
  • Use APA formatting.

References for Images

  • Information about sources etc. should be listed at the top of the page that appears when the image is clicked for each image.
  • To edit the information about sources...
  1. Click the image for which you wish to provide references. You will be redirected to a page titled Image:Name of your image.
  2. Click edit at the top of this page to add text.
  3. The text should begin with a heading that says===References===and should be followed by an explanation of your source.
  • Example:

Anchoring Images

Becky-- Don't Forget To...

  • Tell Ann that it would be helpful to know how academic the audience is. Would they appreciate information about Paul Erdos not being able to understand Monty Hall?