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About Me

Hi! My name is Alexis Zavez, and I am a rising college sophomore. This summer (2012), I am working on the Math Images Project at Swarthmore College. I hope to be an economics major and a statistics minor, but I am also especially interested in music. I hope to bring some of my interests to life through the Math Images Project by designing pages that relate to probability and music. This past spring I took a fascinating seminar called "Music and Mathematics" which really stimulated my interest in math and the connection between math and music. Not only is math evident in the acoustics of sound (sound waves, etc.), but in the aesthetic branches of music as well. For example, many composers use the Fibonacci sequence in their work. The golden ratio is even found in the makings of the scroll of the violin.

Image19.gif [1]Violin-scrolls.jpg [2]

Outside of School:

  • I am on the college field hockey team
  • I play violin in the college orchestra

Pages I Have Worked On:

  1. to be added to

Contact Info

If you have any questions about me, or my wiki pages feel free to contact me at my email address:

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