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The Plan:

Working with Josh and Alan to add interactivity in the pages previously created by Alan.
I plan to concentrate on Flash animation while Josh explores the Java.

Work Progress:

Week 1:
Surfed around the MathImages website. Familiarized myself with the many different pages and projects.
Spoke with Alan and Josh and made a tentative plan of what is to be achieved in the duration of the research project.
Installed and set up Adobe Flash CS4. Started reading tutorials and watching videos to learn using Flash.
Learned basic wiki tags and wiki usage and embedding flash .swf files into wiki
Roll mouse over flash frame
Created a simple flash animation to show matrix multiplication of two 2x2 matrices. May be incorporated in the Matrix helper page.
Matrix Calculator:
Currently working on a Matrix calculator.
After making the barebones framework in week 3, I have been adding features in it this week. It now has the option to add and recall from memory, a Clear option, the calculator returns an error if the user does not select any operator, it does not accept non-numeric values etc.
You can see the beta ver. here : [1]
Some features I am currently working on:
  • Allowing user to select dimensions of Matrix
  • Calculation of Invert, Adjoint and Determinant of Matrix
  • Show tutorials for all operations