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My role

My primary role in the Math Images project is to offer support to page writers. This support includes:

  • Providing feedback on pages
  • Helping page writers think about how to write about their topic
  • Helping with understanding the math content.
  • Other things I haven't thought of -- if there's any chance I can be helpful with anything, just ask.

My Background

Last year, I played a similar support role to this year, and then spent a painful number of hours observing randomly selected Swatties reading and reacting to pages.

Between everything I observed there, and lots of years tutoring math at many levels, I think I have some useful ideas about good writing. The pages, however, belong to you, the writer, so ultimately, it's your ideas I'm interested in.

My availability

I'm happy to meet with people both in person and to communicate by email or through the Math Images wiki communication channels (discussion pages, the S10 page, etc.).

My tentative schedule for being on campus and available for in-person meetings and just hanging out is:

  • Mondays from 1:30 to 3:30
  • Fridays from 11:00 to 1:00 some weeks and 1:30 to 3:30 other weeks

I will also check email throughout the week. I can be reached at alipman1 at gmail.

To do

  • Reformat and rename the Checklist for Writing Good Pages
  • Edit the Tour
  • Consolidate the various writing guides as well as the new user guide and advanced user guide
  • Make sure all pages have been marked public, as appropriate
  • See if anything has to happen to works in progress
  • Make sure Maria has a relatively complete list of current issues / desires

Items for 5/23 meeting

  • Put institutional knowledge somewhere public (see S11)
  • Use of Checklist for writing pages:
  • Keep communication organized:
    • Don't cross things out in the comments until everyone agrees they are addressed (e.g. Talk:Law_of_Sines)
    • Make S11 the communication hub, and keep it organized!
    • Put dates on comments (Becky!)
  • Think about Helper Pages vs. Image Pages

Items for 6/8 meeting

Communication problem examples:

  • what does the strikeout in Quipu discussion page mean?
  • lack of conversation in B.D. on rope around the earth
  • no request for feedback on lots of harrison's pages
  • what do strikeouts mean on Law of Sines?
  • lack of discussion on bedsheet problem