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  • How to put tables in a page that uses a template
Solution 1: visit this website... Click the show button under the tables and templates headline. This is an example formula that replaces the | symbol. This symbol is used both in templates and tables, so it confuses the coding. To get the source code for the example table click edit.
Solution 2: make a regular table using LaTex formula in a word document. Use the find...replace tool to replace each | with {{!}}

  • Using mathematica to make applets, animations

  • When we click on the sections in the list in the beginning, we are not directly moved to that section if the section is hidden

  • Equation Numbering
Temporary Solution: Numbering should be to the left of an equation with the equation indented. An example follows.

Eq. (1)        a(2)^2+b(2)=36

Because we have three unknowns and three equations, we can find the value of these variables. Multiplying Eq. (1) by